Sent Home From School? Find A Great Internship or Job

One Hour, Six Great Conversations.
At the MLH Career Fest from April 6th - 10th, you'll be given a one hour time slot where you will be matched with tech recruiters from relevant companies for a series of 5 minute video chats. You'll get to make a great impression on them through having a real conversation.

Internships. Co-ops. Full Time Jobs. Find yours!

4 Simple Steps

All you have to do is sign up and show up! We'll do the rest.
  • Create profile
  • Select availability
  • We match you up
  • Chat with recruiters

Why is MLH Doing This?

COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation causing events all over the world to change format or reschedule. Students are being sent home for the semester, and recruiters are on a travel hiatus. We've been hearing from community members that they still are looking for jobs, and not being able to meet recruiters in person is another wrench in the gears. The MLH Career Fest is our way of helping. While we are charging recruiters to participate in order to decrease attrition, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the CDP COVID-19 Response Fund.

Happy Hacking!

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Our Partners are Awesome

We work with industry leading employers to help them hire developers, engineers, and designers like you for top internships and junior roles.

Recruiters Need You

The tech industry is growing quickly and MLH is here to connect you to relevant job and internship opportunities while the time is right!

Stats according to the iCIMS Shifts and Trends in Tech Talent Qualifications and Needs report.
  • 61%
    Of employers say a college degree alone isn’t enough to be successful in today’s workforce. Your hackathon experience sets you apart.
  • 45%
    Of employers say most technology roles at their company didn’t exist two years ago. There’s a lot of opportunity out there for you.
  • 49%
    Of employers find it more difficult to fill skilled technology positions than they did two years ago because of a shortage of applicants who have the right skills or experience. They need to talk to you soon!

What Our Community Says

Work with MLH to find your next job or internship. We care as much about the hacker community as you do.
  • Nigel Brown
    Developer Advocate, IBM
    "The skills and network I gained in the MLH community helped me land a great job at IBM."
  • Brandon Barker
    Organizer, Hacker
    "With an open environment where learning is ok and failure is taken with a smile, MLH & hackathons have allowed me to become a better engineer that any internship or schooling could have provided."
  • Emily Huang
    Program Manager, Microsoft
    "By joining the MLH community, I learned skills that set me apart from my peers and directly led to landing me an amazing job at Microsoft."

Frequently Asked Questions

MLH Career Fest is an initiative of Major League Hacking. Learn more about us below!
  • What is Major League Hacking?

    Founded in 2013, Major League Hacking (MLH) is the global community for student developers. We support 100,000+ student developers, designers, and engineers each year through thousands of on-campus events like workshops, hackathons, and career fests. MLH has been a community first, mission driven organization from the beginning.

    We measure our success by the number of hackers we empower, and we want to keep it that way. That’s why we made it official and became a Certified B Corporation in 2016. B Corps are for-profit enterprises that are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their community, not just their shareholders.
  • Why do companies partner with MLH?

    MLH partners with industry leading companies to help them scale their developer marketing and university recruiting efforts to our global community and events. They depend on us for our expertise in working with technical students and our ability to bring opportunities to students in an authentic, hacker-first way that sets their brand apart.
  • Why do students love MLH events?

    MLH helps students learn powerful new skills outside of the traditional classroom environment. Our events are fun, high-energy, and educational in a way that is exciting and valuable for everyone involved, whether you're a student learning a new skill and networking, or you're a recruiter looking for your next great hire.

    To make our events extra special, we partner up with the world’s leading brands to get their products and devices into the hands of students. At MLH powered events, students can expect to have access to everything from microcontrollers to free web hosting and domains. This access helps them learn valuable skills and technologies that they might never seen in class.
  • How does the MLH Career Fest actually work?

    Once you sign up and fill out a profile, we'll run our algorithm to match recruiters and job seekers based on their relevant interests, skills, and availability. We're doing the hard work to make sure you get the most value possible from the time you spend chatting!